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Clothing - simple advice on matching colours

Mistakes with colours are the most common fashion mistakes made, especially by men. Our fashion expert outlines simple, sensible colour combinations

As a start you can avoid a lot of mistakes simply by matching pale clothes with pale shoes, and dark clothes with dark shoes.
Pink is not a man's colour, and real men do not wear it.

Matching clothing colour guide
(Sports) Jacket
Shirt Tie Trousers to
match jackets
Belt & Shoes
Navy white, blue
blue, gold
red, wine red
gray, tan black, brown
Black white, yellow
light gray, blue
black, white
grey, blue
red, yellow
olive, wine-red
any pastel colour
gray, tan black ONLY
Gray white, gray
yellow, blue
black, white
gray, green
wine-red, navy
red, yellow
gray, black
black, brown
Brown white, blue
very pale green
tan, brown
rust, black
orange, red
wine-red, green
gold, yellow
tan, grey
a lighter
or darker
shade of brown
brown ONLY
Tan very light green
blue, white
tan, rust, red
brown, orange
tan, brown
gray, navy
brown, black
Olive white, grey
pale yellow
pale blue
very pale olive
rust, tan, green
yellow, wine-red
grey, navy
tan, brown
brown ONLY

When matching trousers to sports jackets use the colour of the buttons of the jacket as a guide. You can choose trousers that match any of the button colours and they will go perfectly.

Extra considerations: -

Always allow for your hair's colour: Count it as a colour when deciding 1) what colours to wear and 2) how many different colours to mix

Choose colours to match the time of year: Pastels of yellow are summer colours, while autumn colours are rusts, browns, greens, and burgundy.

Think contrast: Try one light colour with two dark, or one dark with two lights, such as a charcoal grey suit, white shirt and red tie, or tan suit with yellow shirt and green tie. Or cream trousers and a dark blue shirt.

The visual effects of clothing colours: Dark colours recede thus making you look thinner, and light colours project, which tends to bulk you up. Dark colours are more formal than light.