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Outsize and larger street club gothic and urban clothing for the UK

Please tell us about your experiences of buying big gear from online retailers, both good and bad, to help us make our feedback page. Our Fashion and Advice index page is HERE

Shop Music T-Shirts at!
For nearly 25 years, Hot Topic has offered music - and pop culture-inspired clothing and accessories and edgy fashion apparel for girls and guys. It's the place where rebellious teens know they can find t-shirts and other merch for their favuorite bands. They stock up to size 4xl for Guys, (64"chest, 50" waist). Being a US merchant, their stuff will take longer to arrive. But you can get loads there in bigger sizes you can't get here, esp for American bands.

Pyrettas Lair
Although Pyretta's Lair have gothic hoodies and gothic tops, we find Attitude and Hot Topic are a much better stores, with far greater choice in sizes and merchandise


Yukka - cool street gear !
YUKKA sell plus size Street wear - mostly hoodies and Ts right up to 54" chest

ATTITUDE is our fav. plus size Goth and Punk clothing site. Punk brands like Criminal Damage, Atticus Black and Rikers Island, all with lots of XL , and Gothic clothing brands like Omen and Jekatex to XL for 'children of the dark' They also have a good range of bigger size Leather wear as well as Street and Urban clothing.

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