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Mens clothing - fashion advice on avoiding mistakes

These are the most common fashion mistakes men make. Our fashion expert outlines simple, sensible ways to avoid them. See our colour guide too.

1. Too many colours
Too many colours draw attention:- the type of attention that leads to whispers followed by quiet laughter - "Look at the circus clown". Limit each of your outfits to three colours (or shades of the same colour) and keep things as simple as possible. See our colour guide

2. Too many patterns
Too many patterns make a big man look like a patchwork doll. No more than two patterns, or match one pattern with one or two solid colours. The best thing you can do, if you find one pattern you look good in, is to stick to it.

3. Too many fabrics
Most fashion experts agree that fabrics exist in certain "classes." Silk is generally considered more formal than denim. Leather will always be more masculine than, say, tweed. Tweed is more formal than denim.
Most fabric mismatch mistakes can be avoided by simply keeping your winter and summer clothes separate. Winter fabrics are heavy, dense and usually rough, while summer fabrics are mostly made of natural fibres, single-layered and airy.

4. Stained clothes
It's a good idea to have 'Vanish' or similar pre-treatment to use on heavily soiled clothes before they hit the wash. Make a habit of inspecting your clothes when you take them off. Examine them when they come out of the wash too, making sure you didn't miss a spot.

5. Dressing for the wrong season
Buy a couple of clothing storage containers to store out-of-season garments. As the old saying goes, "Out of sight, out of mind." The further away from your waxed jacket you keep that sleeveless T-shirt, the less likely you are to match them together accidentally. Bright, light coloured socks are for summer only.

6. Trousers that sit too high
If you're short-waisted (i.e. long legs and short body), wear low-rise jeans or khakis/corduroy trousers with front pockets rather than side pockets. OR buy trousers with a slightly bigger waist and a slightly smaller inseam than you normally wear. This will let the trousers hang low without tripping up your feet. Don't wear a belt buckled tight and undo the effect !

7. Trousers that are too long or too short
Always try on trousers before buying them, even if you're sure of your measurements. Different brands might have slightly different lengths.
Stick to these rules: Chinos and dressy trousers should end at the top of your shoe's heel. Jeans can be worn to the bottom of the heel. Anything longer is just too long. Trousers should not reveal any sock when you walk. When you sit, they should not expose more than a few centimetres of sock. 5cm of hairy leg is the ultimate trouser fashion faux pas!

8. T-shirts that are too long or too short
Never tuck long T-shirts into your trousers; that's a big fashion no-no. T-shirts should end about midway down your fly. Anything longer is just too long, and anything shorter will make you show lots of back when you bend over (a very big no-no if you are hairy) The key is to find a brand that fits your body type.

9. "Too fussy" T-shirts
Stick to T-shirts in solid colours or two colours, and avoid shirts with garish designs, logos or obscene language. In the long run, simple colours will actually give you more mix-and-matching options with regard to jackets and sweaters.

10. Wrinkled buttoned shirts
You must own an iron and an ironing board. In an emergancy, you can do a quick "ironing" job by lightly spraying water on the wrinkles, heating the area with a blow dryer, ot hand-dryer in a public toilet, and smoothing it with your hand.

11. Ties that are wrong
Ties should finish almost at the trouser waist, never above the gut. The knot should not be pulled too tightly.

12. Socks with sandals
Get rid of the socks. If you need socks but still want to take advantage of summer weather, get some ankle-length light coloured, but not white, socks and wear them with canvas sneakers or moccasins.

13. White socks
Unless you are going training or playing sport, don't wear them

14. Missing bits when you shave
Buy a hand mirror and look at your face closely after you shave to find any missed bits, especially around the double chin and folds on your neck. Missed hair will be seen if you turn your head to look round

15. 'Meet-in-the-middle' eyebrows
Once a week gently shave the area between your eyebrows. Or go for laser removal. One or two short sessions will clear you up for life.

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