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Winter Clothing advice for the Outsize or Large Man


- Wear turtlenecks if you are an older man. They'll keep you warm throughout the day and they're also extremely stylish.
Winter hats are not stupid or geekey looking. In fact a tasteful winter hat is fashionable on an older man, and can be really cool looking and hip for a teen ( as well as warm feeling if you have a shaven head or very short haircut ). Many of the top designer names do beanies.
A 'polar' fleece sweater makes for a great winter accessory. Wear it under a thick winter coat for freezing or rainy days or on its own in milder weather.
Always wear thick quality socks to protect your feet from the cold and avoid excessive perspiration.


Always try matching your shoes with your belt. If you have trouble matching colours, this simple rule will prevent many colour mismatches.
Black is a classic. It suits every person and occasion. It's always okay to wear black but remember that other colours do exist. Try spicing up your wardrobe with more exciting colours as well. At the same time simplicity is key. Choose classic styles and colours. Also, avoid mixing and matching too many colours. [ see the colour guide page ]
Always take care of your clothes. Looking after them properly will ensure that your clothes always look clean and remain in mint condition.

Always take care of your personal appearance too. Keep yourself clean and well-groomed at all times. Don't forget to apply long-lasting deodorant or antiperspirant on a daily basis, even in winter, because smelling bad is a definite turnoff for everybody around you, no matter how great you look. Try to find a stick/roll-on/spray without Aluminium in it, as repeated and prolonged exposure to this can cause you long-term health damage.


Unless you're at the gym or wearing a white suit, do NOT wear white socks.
Don't wear trousers that are too short.
Don't mix and match too many colours. Keep the glitzy mixes for the ski slopes on holiday.


Don't wear two pairs of socks at once. Your feet will sweat more and you'll risk getting blisters.
Don't wear earmuffs. They look silly. Wear a good hat or beanie instead.
Don't go outside in the cold weather if you're not properly dressed. It's just not cool to catch pneumonia.
Don't leave home without Kleenex or a handkerchief for your runny nose.

These fashion dos and don'ts might seem obvious, yet every day, you will notice guys who don't follow them. Ask yourself if you're one of them.



Winter clothing and fashion advice for outsize and large men